Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Anniversary Offer - get one free................

Not quite a 'bogoff' but certainly great! If you prepay for a block of four coaching sessions in May you will get a fifth for free!
It's twelve months since I started this and so to celebrate I am offering new clients  five sessions for the price of four. You can take them anytime  in the next year but must sign up by the end of the month. Experience has shown that many people really benefit from the block of four and so it makes sense to offer a deal to entice more of you to commit.. come on you know you want to.................. contact me now on 01342 826735!

What can I help with?
My strap line is 'supporting your path, wherever you want to go'... it is your journey and you need to determine the path.. so don't come looking for me to tell you what you should do... but using coaching tools, or questionnaires or psychometrics we can identify goals and direction..
You may know what you want but not be sure how to get there, again using coaching techniques we can identify your barriers, your limitations and your doubts and develop strategies to overcome them. we can identify the ways you can achieve your goal. I can hold you to account and help you do the things you say you want to do but don't get around to. getting started can be the hardest part.
You may feel you don't quite get it right, in some areas I can mentor you to achieve your goals, applying for jobs, writing a CV, applying for judicial appointment, taking up training, LEADING A RICHER, FULLER LIFE. I have witnesses people making huge changes and achieving great success.. you can too.
many people come to coaching because it is a non-judgemental, confidential space, you won't be boring me, you won't be 'going on', you won't be embarrassing yourself.... it's a space and a structure, support and challenge.
These things are within your grasp.. call me NOW! and get a B4G0F!

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