Monday, 15 August 2011

Thoughts on a rare and beautiful thing ..a One-77

Last night when driving home from Devon, we were overtaken on the motorway by an exceptionally rare thing of beauty. An Aston Martin One -77. Well I would not have known what it was.. I just said 'what on earth is that?'. And a lovely russet colour it was too. I knew it was something unusual. Now my petrol head husband thought it might be a One -77 and so we had to get up close behind it so that I could take a photo from my phone. Later he went on the web to verify the sighting. I believe he put something on another website too. It is so rare we are famous by our association of being on the same motorway.
And the point of this.
  • Class stands out. I knew that I had seen something different and exceptional.
  • You don't have to be an expect to recognise beauty. I could see it was lovely.
  • The car did not have to show off. It was not going fast or some dreadful Lamborghini yellow
  • The details required verification. No one makes a decision on one swift glance alone.
  • I think this car, as with talent needs to be nurtured and lookd after.. it would not look the same dirty!
  • Association with such an exceptional object conveys some glory

    There were only 77 ever made. It cost £1.2m new. I'll never buy one even if I could afford it; to spend that much on a car is just not conscionable.
    I've got the photo if anyone would like to see it but the whole experience made me think about talent. we can see it, recognise but still need to verify it. Talent can be expensive but it has to be affordable too or we will just walk on by. It is so far out my reach I don't even lust after it...But just by being close to great talent we can bask in shared glory and maybe even learn something!

    Just a few thoughts.

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