Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Women at work love Borgen

My friends and I have been loving Borgen.The Danish TV show about a woman prime minister, not only is it beautifully shot, well crafted and great plots (mostly) it has not just one great female character but two!.
The Prime Minister is mature, intelligent and sexy. She has to learn to be tough, in fact she turns into a bit of a tough nut! The journalist is attractive, bright, articulate, fun andsexy. Both are workaholics, lap tops in the bedroom was a bit of a theme.....Both sacrifice their relationships and personal lives because of the passion for what they do in work. Both struggle with attacks from male colleagues. Both have to meet standards of perfection that might not be expected of their male peers.

I thought the episode about gender equality was possibly the weakest the whole 10 episodes were a treatise on gender in the workplace and the tortuous relationship that women  have with their homes/personal/work lives in order to be successful. If Birgitte had been a man, he owuld have had a cleaner and probably a wife who would have consented to sacrifice her career for his. If Katrine had been a man, he would have been ambitious and brave rather than a pain in the neck!

All sorts of issues have been raised and many of them are really relevant to my work helping people - both men and women - 'Get Paid More, Promoted Faster and Feel more Satisfied'. Like Borgen its about life not work.
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