Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Greg Campbell comments on the Jobs market in Housing

The recruitment market nationally remains buoyant, with most senior vacancies attracting good numbers of well qualified candidates. The most challenging roles to fill are those in strategic asset management and in corporate finance. Regional differences in executive salaries now appear less evident, though they still remain relevant at more junior levels. Regions such as the south west where there are fewer housing organisations to generate local jobs churn, are seeing pay levels for senior roles often comparable to London and the south east in order to attract candidates from further afield. Salaries are not rising uniformly,we are aware, for instance, of some CEO positions where the new appointee has been recruited on a salary up to 20 per cent less than their predecessor.

•A growing trend to seek finance director candidates with housing sector experience, reflecting the growing complexity and risks inherent in social housing funding streams•Strategic asset management director roles created in some organisations, bringing together responsibility for asset management, maintenance, and development•Growth and new business director roles in other organisations, commonly combining development, new business streams, and inorganic growth.•Commercial sector experience growing in popularity for customer service roles, and for new business roles where a range of business streams are to be explored..This article first appeared in Social Housing magazine,January 2014. Greg Campbell is Director of Campbell Tickell

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