Wednesday, 1 June 2011

'Best talent wants out' say public sector leaders

Almost half of all public sector workers are facing redundancy or looking for work in the private sector, according to a survey by recruitment consultants Hays.

The Hays Public Services Survey 2011 revealed that 45% of workers are either facing redundancy or want to work for a private firm.
Around 60% of public sector employers believe voluntary redundancy and early retirement will result in the loss of some of their best talent, and more than 60% said they are concerned that the sector will struggle to attract the staff necessary to manage the change ahead.
The survey found that local government workers were the most concerned of all the public sector divisions about losing talented staff.
'With such a widespread exodus of staff, it is highly likely that frontline services will be affected,'said public services director, Andy Robling.
'The combination of pay scrutiny, fears around job security and critical media headlines means a stigma has started to develop around public sector careers.
'Many public sector workers are feeling demotivated,devalued and stuck in less challenging careers,' added Mr Robling.'The public sector needs to act now to address this before it is too late.'

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