Thursday, 23 June 2011

Digital by default - Martha Lane Fox's message

Went to hear Martha Lane Fox, founder of Last Minute Dot Com and now the government's digital tzar. The first thing to say is that having a disability is not hindering her career success. Being a woman is not hampering her in influencing at the highest levels. Her CV is not that of a typical policy maker but that is what she is doing.She was really inspirational!
Whilst Chatam House rules apply, some of the information is in the public domain so I want to share it to emphasis its importance.
The lowest income houselholds save £200 per year when they are online.
The policy is 'digital by default' - justify why you are not doing it online rathert than than do it manually and then see if you can take on line.
Start with the customer
Nobody is too old or too crippled to be engaged by the net.. but they may need some support or aids.
Estonia and Lithuania are front leaders in embracing technology
Getting governe,mnt transactions online is critical
gettign a greater % of the population on line is critacal
Local government seems to be hard work??????
We can all become digital champions...

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