Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What will cause your CV to be put in the bin?

A survey of 7000 HR Directors, HR Managers and decision makers came  up with the following list:
  • Coloured paper,
  • Using lots of different fonts/italics/bold. 
  • Over egging of skills and achievements.
  • Stock phrases such as “team player but can work alone”.
  • Overuse of buzz words and jargon. 
  • No covering letter.
  • A “dump” of detailed job descriptions for every job held
And I’d add:
  • Too much type and not enough white space
  • Crowded pages
  • Functional rather than chronological approach
  • Big gaps in your history with no explanation
It's your shop window, make it attractive and quick to read at a glance!
And it is unlikely that a conscientious public sector organisation committed to equalities would literally put your CV in the bin without reading it, but it’s better not to take that risk.
When people read CVs they do so quickly and are scanning for the key requirements and experiences.. make it easy for them. Many public sector organisations still like to use application forms, because they get all the information they want in a clear, well laid out and easy to follow fashion. It is consistent and they find it easy to compare.
If artistic creativity is a requirement of the job then you can let your imagination run riot, otherwise KISS (Keep it simple stupid). Don’t imagine that a highly original presentation will make you stand out. Let your achievements speak for themselves.
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