Saturday, 1 October 2011

Who do you want to work for?

International employer branding specialist Universum has released its ‘global talent attraction index’ for 2011 and, for the third year running, Google has proved to be the most attractive employer for both business and engineering/IT students.
The rankings reflect the preferences of over 160,000 career-seekers studying for degrees at top academic institutions in the world’s twelve largest economies .

In the business sector, the big four accounting firms once again occupy the remaining top five positions, with Apple the only new entrant to the top ten.  
The top-ten rankings are as follows: 
1   Google 
2   KPMG 
3   PwC 
4   Ernst & Young 
5   Deloitte 
6   Microsoft 
7   Procter & Gamble 
8   J.P. Morgan 
9   Apple  
10 Goldman Sachs 

So OK that's research amongst people studying for degrees in ten major countries. But it does be the question about what it is that those students think will give them job satisfaction. Working for a company with a funky product may not  give you all the satisfaction that you might look for.. working for a big accountancy firm may not give you all the security you wish for... What you might want from those first employers is great training so that you have a really solid foundation to your career. Within a single sector or profession you will find a broad variety of cultures and styles, some may suit others frustrate.  Later in life you may want to change your priorities so that you can meet different needs, you will be much clearer about what culture you can fit into and what you hate.

What is driving your career? what kind of organisation do you want to work for? Talk to me discover the underlying drivers of your career and learn how to identify options that will work for you

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