Friday, 9 December 2011

How to do Abstract Reasoning tests

Many people are really scared of abstract reasoning tests.. they are really afraid that they will be ‘found out’.  These are the psychometric tests with the dots or the shapes. And maybe many people won’t do as well as they hoped. BUT you can.. there are lessons to be learned and YOU could learn them and do yourself justice and feel much more confident.
So what is abstract reasoning?
It is an attempt to measure raw intelligence? Like the CCof car. The car can go fast or slow depending what the driver does but the CC is the potential.  Employers want to know how much potential you have. The idea of testing your abstract intelligence is that it is thought to be fairer as it removes the influence of education and experience. But you will perform better if you have some education and some experience of the tests themselves!
Most abstract reasoning tests are tests of your ability to see the relationship between different shapes. They test your logic or your problem solving skills. 

So how can you improve your score.
Practice, practice, practice!  When I was helping my son practice for his 11+ exam we got really good at them!  There are lots of websites and books that you can buy which will give you different examples of different kinds of tests. There are several different types; find the next one in the sequence, identify the odd one out, what shape completes the picture, break the code… if you think about what you are being asked to do; you are being asked to solve puzzles.
And thinking of these tests as kids puzzles can really help take away the scari-ness of the test. These are brain teaser puzzles. Practice them and get faster and faster. You can learn how they work.   

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