Thursday, 1 December 2011

How much would you pay to look the part of 'highly successful executive'?


Wardrobe Re-Vamp End of Year Offer – Not To Be Missed

A couple of days ago I was advised that someone had paid £1000 for a Wardrobe Re-Vamp days!
How does that sound to you? A lot? Worth it?
Yes, I had pretty much that reaction too!
But let me tell you the story behind this.
I was talking to a businessman that I trust and admire and he mentioned that he had paid £1000 for a similar service for his wife earlier this year. Not sure how well it worked.
But there is someone who can re-vamp your wardrobe.. make you look the part and save you money in the long run but without that price tag!
Make the most of the opportunity to save money – forever – on clothes that don’t flatter your shape or enhance the professional, stylish image you portray.
After all – first impressions count – for a lot!
She's called Sue Courteney and comes to your house and assess your body shape – then you try on every item of clothing you have.The sessions typically take 4 to 6 hours.
Some items will be great – keepers.
Some items will be great if worn differently, altered, mended or otherwise made to look different.
Some items will just have to go – with me to the charity shop or charity bank. Yes Sue takes them away, that day! so you can't offend again...
You will be left with a wardrobe of clothes that you will look great in – they will flatter your shape, colouring and work for your life.
She then goes home and puts all your notes – body shape, style tips, what to buy list etc – into a book so you have your own, personal, handy guide in a form that you can keep referring to.
So if you, or anyone you know, has ever opened the door of their full-to-bursting wardrobe and sighed “I’ve got nothing to wear!” Then this service is exactly what is needed.
And all this not for that huge sum but a very very reasonable, time limited offer of  £350
£350 is a bargain when you think of how much you will save over time (or maybe one shopping trip) in clothes that don’t work for you.
Don’t delay – email  and BOOK TODAY!

N.B. This offer is valid for women in UK only

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