Thursday, 1 September 2011

family life..makes me think

Family life, three people, three computers, three rooms. Who says technology connects? We could all be living in, we are all living in separate realities. (On the other hand i had a lovley msn chat with a friend in Sweden earlier)

Apparently houses are now built with small living rooms because families don't spend time together. Individual space is the order of the day. Council houses were  built in 1930s  with large 'dining kitchens' to encourage family life, now we are undoing good work in the intersts of customer design requirements.

Makes me think, if we don't have a sesne of community in a small family unit then how can we create a wider sense of community across a street, village, town or city?

A parenting campaign on the scale of 'five a day' is not going to change the behaviours in this house, I can't get them to eat fruit and veg either!

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