Friday, 23 September 2011

Simple sign removal with big implications...

"Barnet Homes, a north London social landlord is going to consign ‘no ball games’ signs on its estates to history through a new campaign. Barnet Homes will be removing all ‘no ball games’ signs and other 'authoritarian' signage from its council estates in what it believes to be the first campaign of its kind by any social landlord in the UK. The signs will not be replaced unless there is evidence of significant demand from local residents"
 Well done Barnet Homes!!   These signs are symbols of a paternalistic, authoritarian regime and not of landlord that empowers its tenants. And yes there may be friction between different sections of the community about whether they want ball games (and a few broken windows!  people might have to choose where to park more carefully)  but that should be about mediation and not blanket prohibition. It's about being part of the community not expecting the authorities to solve all our problems.
Would you want to live somewhere where ball games were prohibited?
If this initiative spread and we could get lots more kids playing football (with a real ball and not in a virtual world of PS or X Box)... what might happen to the state of English football.. childhood obesity... .. the new conversations between generations and cultures...

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